Saturday, April 3, 2010

Welcome to my diary.

Hey guys!
Welcome to my Blog.
I named it Bethany's Key because you guys basically
have the key to my diary now! I am very excited to start
blogging about my day, the latest trends, or just any news I have!
I had a blog a long time ago but I forgot the password so I hope you guys
are excited and don't forget to follow my blog and comment :)
also, If you know how to make banners for blogs please let me know.


(I feel so harriet the spy right now! hahah)


  1. What a lovely blog! I am looking forward to your future posts! XO

  2. Your blog design is SO cute! I can't wait to follow you more now! Yeah (:

  3. Hi I just made a blog too and I was wondering how do you make your blog background so pretty?

  4. hehe i saw ur ur video then check ur blog (:
    nice too meet you! :D

  5. how do you get yer bacgroun like that? with the flowers and the designs like 3D.? lol. but i love yer blog!

  6. There is a small square on your blog that moves down or up that says: This image or video has been moved or deleted. It is from photobucket. Very annoying. But your website is cool. Do you have any sisters/brothers/pets? Fav school subject? Play any sports?

  7. They're finally making a pinkberry close to us! YAY! Love you Bethanny! You're amazing! Check out my blog please! Subscribe!

    Miss Nine West

  8. :D

  9. Hi, Bethany! Glad to find your blog. I found you on Youtube. If you don't mind, subscribe and be my friend there. Or on facebook and twitter. It's
    Great to find a loving-God girl such as you! Talk to you later! God bless!

  10. i'm in love with your blog :P i am already following it.. hope you can also visit mine

  11. amazing background and plz check out my blog it is with one s

  12. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,